Matt Maddy
15 October 2016 6:04:36 AM UTC in Tamanna Bhatia

Ravishing Tamanna Bhatia

Ravishing Tamanna Bhatia
Ravishing Tamanna Bhatia
Tamanna Bhatia, famous Indian Actress shot to fame with hits like Ayan and Payya. Her most recent hit is the tri-lingual blockbuster Bahubali which went on to become the highest grossing Indian movie ever.

Tamanna ravishing in a red white saree.

Gorgeous Tamanna standing in front of a fence, denim shorts and velvel blue tops.

Cutie Pie Tammu, smiling.

Tammana Bhatia

Tammu smiling for the camera

Tammana in a pink-white dress


Beautiful and perfect

In a blue-velvet dress, charming.

Another pose for the camera

Tamanna in a still from Badrinath - whats dreams are made up of

Pink baby Tamanna

Milky white Tamanna, posing for the camera in a white dress.