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Goundamani Popular Movies

Goundamani Popular Movies
Goundamani Popular Movies
Some of the popular movies in which Goundamani has acted in are:


This is Goundamani’s most popular movie and blockbuster success of this movie is also credited largely to the Goundamani and Senthil combination.


Goundamani once again teams up with Senthil in this movie starring Arjun, Madhubala and directed by Shankar. In this movie apart from comedy, Goundamani also accompanies the hero in the action sequences. The famous comedy sequence in this movie is the “Tikkilona Tikkilona” comedy.

Goundamani, Senthil and Arjun from the movie Gentleman

Ullathai Alli Tha

This is an out and out comedy movie starring Karthik, Rambha, Manivannan and Senthil. This movie went on to become the blockbuster of the year and Rambha also shot to fame in the Tamil Film Industry due to this movie.

Unakkaga Ellam Unakkaga

Karthik and Goundamani once again teamed up in this movie. The antics Goundamani does to prevent Karthik from marrying Rambha are hilarious. The scene where Goundamani places a huge brick on his food and says “Soathula kall irukku” is hilarious. In another scene in this movie, Goundamani dresses up like a thief and tries to waylay Rambha so that Karthik can come and rescue her. This movie is a laugh riot.

Maaman Magal

Goundamani teams up with Satyaraj and Meena in this super hit movie.Meena is an arrogant girl whom Satyaraj marries after tricking her. The crazy things Goundamani and Satyaraj do to trick Meena and her mother in this movie provke laughter. Manivannan also appears in this movie as Meena’s father.


Goundamani teams up with Rajinikanth in this movie also starring Manoramma and Vijayashanthi. One of the most famous scenes is the one where Goundamani and Rajinikanth lie to their boss Vijayashanthi to ask for a leave and then turn up in the movie theatre to watch the movie “Chinna Thambi”.


Goundamani teams up with Kamal Hassan and Senthil in the movie Indian. This movie is directed by Shankar. This movie went on to become one of the blockbusters of the year.

Tata Birla

Goundamani acts along with Parthiban in this movie. Goundamani and Parthiban are petty theives who want to become as rich as Tata or Birla. They are hired by Manivannan who plans to eliminate his neice so that he can get hold of her wealth. This movie also became a hit.